Arto money

Writer: Arto Mieskolainen

This blog is about a journey to the great unknown. I quit my permanent high-power job in Social Media Marketing in February 2013, sold or donated all my belongings and “stuff” away and decided to relocate permanently to SE Asia. I really did “have it all”, company car, apartment in the Helsinki Center, good job with excellent benefits, very busy social life and awesome friends etc. Everything we are “supposed” to have. But there was still something missing.

So now I´m starting a new chapter in my life. I want to follow my core values in life, and maybe find future employment through that. I believe that:

  • The strong should care for the weak. This is the ultimate measure of a civilisation and/or person.
  • As citizens of the Earth, we all are equal. We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet in any way we can.
  • Mutual respect, economic independence and acceptance universally are a key to a better life. We are currently the highest form of intelligence on this Planet, it´s time we as a race start to act like it and accept our responsibilities. Fighting for peace and sacrifying any life for economic profit makes no sense.

Currently I feel that the climate I love and my fascination of Asian cultures will be found in SE Asia. But who knows where this life leads me. One chapter is now done, it´s time for a new one.

I thank you for following my blog, stay tuned for posts and pictures along the way.

Carpe Diem.



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