#dailychallenge 6/5

In my country people have been taking pictures of their everyday life for 5 days and challenging one new friend to do the same each day. It went viral very quickly and still is quite popular.

I was asked to keep posting after the 5 day mark, so here it goes.


From the shop: 8 eggs, some ice and Fanta. Note the packaging for the eggs. Need to be quite careful when driving my bicycle back hahhhah And the ice is such a luxury item here on the island where there is no freezers…


What would be everyday life than toilet? Thai sewage system can not handle paper and Thais do not use toilet paper themselves. Only westerners do. So when ever you go to toilet in Thailand, you will find small


next to the toilet seat for the paper. Flush on our toilet is also quite manual as you can see hahhhah quite normal set up in rural areas.


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