Eight ways to solve world hunger

These are actually quite valid points, some I´ve also dealt with personally during my travels. That´s why I wanted to share this article with you. These are some of the key things also many NGO´s out there are trying to help with. An effort, that is never easy due to the multiple stakeholders with conflicts of interests and hard financial realities.

After reading these, what do you think you could do? I mean right now? What could you change in your daily life to take us closer to a more sustainable future together?

First of all, you can start with putting down that stake 🙂

with intensive beef farming, where it has been shown that just 2.5% of the feed given to cattle emerges as calories for our consumption.

Then for example if you´re still feeling “activisty”, you can make it clear to Nestle that as long as they continue their campaigns to have mothers quit breast feeding their babies and start using infant nutritional supplements, you are not buying any of their products. Yes this is still going on, has been for a long time. 

Then you can find an NGO matching your agenda of creating a more sustainable future for our children, and you can participate in their work. A lot can be done never even leaving your home, just with your computer and phone.


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