Returning home, for a visit

Mixed feelings and anxiety. As i once again packed my stuff last night, it did feel a bit different. And a bit worried since the bag almost refused to close hahhhah
now as i sit in the Taxi on my way to the Suvarnabhum International Airport it’s really hitting me. I’ll be home with my friends in 11 hours.

Today i’m flying to Helsinki for a short visit with Finnair’s direct flight from Bangkok. And here ends this part of my trip as well. Aftrr 141 days of travelling, experiencing and volunteering it’s time to check back in. There are some personal things i need to deal with in Finland before I can return to Thailand.

If all goes to plan I will be flying back here in September to set up long-term residence in Khao Lak. We’ll hear more about that later on.

Stay tuned as I will continue to add posts to this blog 🙂


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It´s me. Unique. Nothing more. Nothing less.
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