If you go to movies in Thailand, make sure you follow the custom

They have a very beautiful custom here in Thailand in all cinemas. After the trailers and commercials, the Kings Hymn will be played before the actual movie starts. All of the audience stands up in respect of the King for the duration of the 2min song, and so should you.

Personally I cry every time I hear this song, and even though I don´t understand the lyrics, it´s just so beautiful and emotional. Imagine, when the cinema is full, and everyone stands up and stops talking for this song, it is very amazing experience.

There are various different versions of videos on this, but the hymn is always the same. Play the video here, and see for your self.

Next time you come to Thailand, I would suggest you incorporate a movie to your plans, even just for this experience. The cinemas are all well equipped to Western Standards, and all the Box Office Hits will be subtitled in Thai enabling you to hear and understand the English. So it´ll be nice movie experience too 🙂

I found the translation for hymn the lyrics in Wikipedia, they are as follows:

“We, subjects of Our Excellent Lord,

bend our heads and minds in deepest homage

to Your Majesty whose merits are boundless

Great Descendent of the Celestial Line,

Sovereign Monarch of Siam,

may your greatness extend in time.

Your bounteous care shelters our heads.

Your merits harbour us in happiness.

May every hope in Your Majesty’s heart

be realized in every way

as in this loyal wish to our Sovereign King.

Chaiyo (Bravo) ”

Unofficial translation by Khungying (Dama) Chamnongsi Rutnin


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