One day of SoiDog volunteer – in pictures

soidog - me on motorbike

The day begins around 8:30 for me, I take out the motorbike and head towards the SoiDog Shelter. From where most of us volunteers stay (Pensiri House, Niyang Beach) it´s about 13km and 20min drive.

soidog - 500m

soidog - welcome to soidog

soidog - lunch area

Volunteer hang around area. This where we meet, hang out and have our lunch

soidog - the pond

There´s also a beautiful artificial pond that we take the dogs around walking

soidog - pond with puppies on a walk

Most of the dogs don´t mind the ducks living in the pond. Some do though 🙂

soidog - hotel

This is called a “Hotel Run”. All these dogs have been adopted overseas, so they are transferred here to wait for the required 3 months of quarantine and blood works to be completed. Then they are ready to fly with the flight volunteers to their new homes.

soidog - cat house 2

The Cat House. Despite it´s name, SoiDogs also care for rescue cats. There´s currently about 20 cats here in various different ages and physical conditions. Most of them are already adopted.

soidog - cat house

The cats can hang out either inside or outside, the door is on feline height, about 2,5m from the ground.

soidog - shy dogs

Shy Dogs Run. Sometimes the dogs are too shy to be together with other dogs or they´re really afraid of people. They would be attacked in a normal run, so this is more safe to them. Only long term volunteers are allowed to enter here, and that´s to ensure longer exposure to the same humans, so that the trust building can begin. Most of these dogs won´t come and greet you by the fence, they would just stay far and bark due to the fact they don´t know you and therefore can´t trust you.

soidog - shy dogs2

More shy dogs in the back of their run

soidog - puppyrun

Puppy Run. These are up to 6 months old puppies who are too young to be placed together with other dogs. This run is full of puppy dog energy and hassle 🙂

soidog - me with Dooby

Dooby. Then it´s time to take the dogs for a walk. Usually we take the alfa of the run first, and then the others are more relaxed to go afterwards. Dooby here is a really friendly dog and loves to go on walks. But he also rules with a firm hand in the run.

soidog - me with Cola

Cola. He is about 2 years old, and full of energy and need for attention. Absolutely adorable personality and is very interested of his surroundings. Loves to look at the ducks even he probably doesn´t understand what they are hhahhahha

soidog - Cesar

Cesar. My favorite dog of the run. Such adorable little furball with some attitude. She´s now adopted to go to Germany the next October. Soon she will move to the hotel run for tha mandatory quarantine wait period and blood works.

soidog - Cesar2

Cesar. A bit camera shy 🙂

soidog - lunchtime

From 12 to 13, we break for lunch. Thai food can be ordered and it´s very, VERY good! Awesome time also to connect with other volunteers in SoiDog.

soidog - staff

SoiDog employs dosens of former Burmese Refugees as permanent staff with necessary permits and visas. These people are hard workers and proud of what they do. All of the runs have dedicated person responsible for the cleaning, feeding, grooming and peace keeping. They love these dogs and know each and every one of them by name. And once you´ve seen them around with the dogs and the respect they get, Cesar the dog whisperer is nothing….

soidog - A2 peek a boo

While I go in to a run to get the dogs out for a walk, the neighboring dogs pay attention.

soidog - old timers

Old Timers Run. These dogs are quite old. They couldn´t defend themselves that well with the other dogs, so they have run of their own. Many of these dogs have horrible stories and injuries that are healed leaving them deformed someway or another. Most of these dogs will not be adopted ever, so this is the last place they know. And it´s a nice one too. Rosie (not in photo) is one of our favorites, completely blind due to someone throwing poison to her face long time ago, but still trusting and loves to go for walks. You just need to assist her down some stairs and watch out that she doesn´t hit any trees or walls 🙂

soidog - puppyrun - bath time

Sometimes drinking bowl is not just for drinking. If it´s hot, it doubles as a swimming pool!

soidog - puppy with 3 legs

Puppies that are very shy. These dogs would just chill out far from you, and you won´t be able to touch them but after looooong time of socializing and just getting them to know you on their terms.

soidog - puppy small

peek-aboo! The small brown puppy is loving the ditch, she looks around from there and follows keenly what´s going on with the other dogs. Very shy as well.

soidog - puppy half blind

This poor puppy is starting to lose her eyesight on her other eye. But still goes around running like nothing is happening 🙂 We can learn so much about positive attitude and just not giving in from these dogs!

soidog - puppy close

This little one is not the first one to come up to you, but eventually will gather enough courage to come and sniff you. And then you have a new best friend who will not leave your side 🙂

soidog - bum bui

Bum Bui. Old timer in my run who is a bit shy to go for walks. She loves to roll around in the grass and just take breaks and chill out watching the busy shelter staff going about their business.

soidog - me with tilly

Tilly. This young girl has enough energy to power even cities! Everything is interesting and has to been sniffed immediately. Needs a bit of a firm hand while walking, but is just adorable and loving dog when you get to know her.

soidog - me with rowley and rogers

Me with Rawley(left) and Rogers(right). The youngest and the lodes of the run. Rawley is 1 year old and full of energy and Rogers is almost 9 years old friendly and mellow personality. I would adopt Rogers anytime!

soidog - me with puppy

Me with one of the puppies. This one just wanted to be in your lap, and fall asleep there. I would adopt her too!

soidog - u turn to phuket

Then it´s time to head back after the days work. Here you can see a typical Thai road sign telling you how to turn right on this intersection. First you drive left for some time, and make a U-turn. Then you´ll be going to the right, wouldn´t you? 😉

soidog - hop pot buffet staff BBQ

On this particular day we all went out for a seafood BBQ in the evening. This is usually on the Monday following pay-day 🙂 You get your ingredients raw from the buffet, and then cook them yourself on these pots which the staff will bring out. If oyu love seafood, this place is for you!


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