Volunteering for rescue dogs and cats

400 dogs and 20 cats in different pens. Some new arrivals in quarantine, some shy ones to feel more safe, puppies, post-operation recovery patients, some just normal playful dogs, some seniors in hospice unit and some waiting to be sent to their new homes around the world. All of these animals lucky because they’re at the Soi Dogs Rescue Shelter and not in the streets.

It was an amazing first day learning the drill of our volunteer duties. Basically we are needed to spend time socialising with the animals so that they can once more maybe trust human beings. That there are safe humans too, the kind that don’t hurt or hit.

So we take dogs out on walks one or two at a time and spend quality time together. We just sit in the pens only to demonstrate that we’re safe to have around. We play with the ones who want or just sit next to the blind senior while wondering others going about their business.

There is amazing team of professionals who take care of these animals. International vetenarians, local office staff and the former Burmese refugees responsible for daily animal handling operations. And us, volunteers.

What i saw today was people who put the well being of the animals first. Who will work long hours with minimal or no salary.
I saw animals in various conditions and human-trust levels. It was all quite shocking to take in at first but after just sitting and scratching the 10+ dogs in one pen while keeping my voice and behaviour calm, i immediately saw the reaction in the animals. With just my precence im helping them to a better life. When they’re comfortable again with humans they can find new homes.

I will continue this work next week. Im eager to learn more about dog behaviour, grooming and washing and trust building. Maybe I’m the next dog whisperer hahhhah Cesar watch out!

On the Soi Dog website you too can see how you can help too, even while still in your own country.

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