How to buy domestic air ticket in Indonesia

Before you start make sure you have at least 4 days to your planned departure and good spirits with lot of patience.

1. Find a good flight for your dates and plans online
2. Go through all ticketing sites just to find out credit card payment is not possible
3. Place order in the airlines’ webshop, and see how in the last step the Visa verification and payment authorisation fails with no reason. Try again with same results.
4. Call the airline to make booking. You’ll be told that the booking needs to be confirmed with payment within the next 5 hours at their office in the International Airport. Cancel the booking you just did at this point since the trip and payment to Airport would take longer than 5 hours
5. Sleep the night and possibly try the webshop again only to receive same payment authorisation error
6. After breakfast start your hunt for the travel agents with air ticketing facilities
7. Keep calm after talking to several agents with the air ticketing signage but eventually without the facilities (eg the only  lady who knows how to make airline reservations is visiting Jakarta now)
8. Finally find agent who can make bookings and take credit card payments. Explain your itenerary request. Wait for them to call airline agent reservations.
9. Receive the available flight times without prices. Choose the flight you want.
10. Receive the price for the other of two airlines for your route, but not for the other one. Wait for the agent call again to their reservation numbers.
11. Get the price quotes for both possibilities. Choose the one you want to make reservations with and give go ahead for the agent to make booking.
12. Due to the temporary airline reservation system problems (system down, then up again, then down again etc) the booking can not be completed fully.
13. Go to have lunch and to wait for the agent to call you once he’s succesfully secured the booking.
14. Go back to the agent after he calls to confirm and pay for tje booking.
15. Wait while he contacts the airline several times to receive confirmation for the booking.
16. Pay the booking and receive flight ticket.
17. All done! Back at the hotel have a shower and it’s almost time for dinner.

Easy or what? =D


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