“Special promotion for our new hotel”

So I get stopped by this promoter on my way to breakfast this morning. A new hotel has opened branch here and they want people to come in and see the facilities. He had a little lottery ticket for me to open and behold, in compensation for my time I would receive either a) ipad2 b) luxury week for free in any of their locations worldwide c) iphone5 or d) 1000 USD in cash. No strings attached. He even offered to drive to the hotel and back.

Hahhhah you can just see through this right? After talking to the promoter while he told me that he gets 50USD comission for every guest he brings in. No other salary, and he was from East-Timor which is not the easiest of places currently.

So my heart went out for this guy who is polite, has learned good english and just trying to make some promo-work in the fiercly competetive Bali. This commission would go far enabling his life here, and I basically had nothing to lose but an hour of my time or so.

So I went to see what happens. On site I was greeted by reception staff and was told basically that the people giving the presentations were busy with other customers and I needn’t wait for them to finish. This is them letting me know politely that I was not the target group and the presentation would not take place. My card revealed that I won the option A, one week in any of their locations. One thing though, 60 $ booking fee would apply hahhhah.

Well I got a free ride to another part of Seminyak and a new experience AND one week free stay somewhere (would not be surprised if other conditions will also apply) 🙂 Also found nice cafe for my breakfast. So I lost nothing in this. And I do hope that the promoter gets his commission.

Maybe this will be a good day. At least it started with a good deed.

Or with good intentions at the least.


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