Back in business

Let me apologize for the radio silence for the past few weeks. First i was sick for few days (just fever and sore throat, nothing serious). Then flew with Thai Smile airline from Phuket to Bangkok on the 15th of May. Arrangements for flights and visas took some time and a lot of surfing the net.
While in BKK had some shopping done for new camera (waterproof!) and a Sony Sports Walkman (also waterproof!) to keep me entertained while jogging.
Also enjoyed some big city entertainment with catching a mild cold in the freezing cinema. Some clubbing and drinking was also nice 🙂

But then it was time to change countries and fly with Air Asia to Denpasar, Bali.


Villa Bunga Spa&Resort pool area

I’m currently staying at Seminyak area in a small hotel called the Villa Bunga Resort&Spa. Standard room for 24 €/night. The idea is to continue to Java island to see some other aspects of Indonesia.

I will try to post more pictures again, since there has been some requests for them.

Stay tuned =D


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