As the days go by…


picture by one of our volunteers using long exposure setting

I´ve been with the project now for almost three weeks! How fast does the time fly by… But i´m not complaining. Sometimes it´s really hot, even during the night. But I´m not complaining 🙂

Life here has found a steady, laid back form. Waking up at six in the mornings feels like I´ve always done that. It´s amazing how much you can accomplish in one day, just if you wake up early enough. It´s also a lot cooler in the morning, so perfect for walks or morning runs. Daily routine has me walking for about 5km every day. That with three Thai-meals per day and a tropical climate, I might loose some weight here 😉 Surprisingly the time is bit of an essence here. Lot more needs to be done that we have time to do. Luckily everything we get done, will be for the better of the nature and environment.

But there are some luxury things that I will never take for granted after this. 24/7 electricity and internet access (even medium fast), western toilet, fresh water shower and paved roads just to mention the main ones. Though living without these comforts in life doesn´t really hinder you from doing anything. But so far I´ve learned this about myself: I like certain level of comfort, I don´t need much, just a certain level 🙂

Time for me now to head back to our village from this resort (with only Wi-Fi in the area) I´ve been writing this post from. It´s about 5km with partly walking on the beach and cycling on a concrete road to get back. Rest of the group spent another night on the beach and excavated a new nest this morning. I´m exited to hear the news on what´s happened. I´ll write about that later on here as well.

Until next time, enjoy your life as it is. And your toilets.



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