At the project

Diving in!

Today was the second day with the project work. We volunteers do many number of tasks supporting the scientific research work. The main task obviously is monitoring the 3 turtle nesting beaches here on the island of Koh Phra Thong. Other tasks include taking the weather measurements (temperature, sea temperature, tidal hights etc), behavioural observation from a view point, helping out in the village and community. A lot of walking gets to be done during a day, which ever task you responsible of doing for the day. Average of 5-10km of walking per day, luckily some part can be done with a bicycle. Yesterday we had to go out on a long tail boat since we also had to do the weekly monitor walk on the nearby island Koh Ra. On the way back, we stopped to jump off the boat to the ocean, that´s where the picture is from. Cool pose, isn´t it? 😉

It´s been somewhat challenging to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, given the fact that i´m really NOT a morning person. The room is in a Thai family´s house who have joined the volunteer housing group. They receive a small compensation for accommodating the volunteers. Electricity is on in the village from 18:30-22:30, which surprisingly is not a problem. You just need to remember to charge your computer and phone during that time.

So far I haven´t been able to spot any turtles, yet :/ There is a one nest due to hatch any night now, so we keep an special eye out on that one. When the hatching time comes we´ll stay on the beach and just make sure all of the baby turtles make it to the sea unharmed. Some will be measured and weighed and then released. This does not harm them.

This place is very interesting, the best part being that it´s far away from any tourist destination. Here are no air conditioners or hot water, but in this 31C temperature you don´t really need neither one. Just the 50 villagers and then us 9 currently working (2 Americans, 1 Italian, 6 Finns) for the project. We get three meals per day, and after the dinner everyone is so tired of the days activities that we all are in bed by 22:00.

In future posts I will tell more about life here. Already tons of interesting things and stories to be shared, but we have time.

So thanks for your time again, and remember to sign up for the email alerts if you want to be notified instantly when new posts are here. The internet is through EDGE-speeds, so that limits pictures and videos a lot but I´ll try to get some through.

Volunteers also started a blog which can be found clicking this.


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